Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

2020 has new standards for websites and mobile apps under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
ADA website compliance lawsuits are being filed at alarming rates. 2018 through 2020 were record years for the number of lawsuits filed and the trend will only continue with the new legislation for ADA standards in regards to website compliance.
ADA Compliance Illusration


The most common complaint in demand letters and lawsuits is a very easy one to fix: alt text

Here are four critical items to look for:

  • Making your website fully usable by keyboard only. Try this by unplugging the mouse and see if you can navigate the website (The tab button is your friend).

  • Coding in labels for form fields so that the field labels such as “first name” are read by screen readers. We have software that can test this for you.

  • Using descriptive anchor text for links (you write links so that someone can tell what the linked page is about — not “click here” or “learn more” but “learn more about this subject” or “specs on this specific product")


how can we help?

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We can make sure your web pages and the content that reside on it is labeled according to ADA standards.

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Content on websites needs to be legible and easy for the user to tab through. We will optimize all content on your site so that it's ready for use by ADA software.

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We can install a plugin to reside on a website so that even if a person does not have ADA software on their computer, it will be ready and available if needed.