Community Services

We are a fortunate enough to give back to our communities.
We support those who support us and provide community services in a variety of ways. Lean about how some of our services can benefit you or someone you know.
Community Service

We believe in giving back to our surrounding communities. In doing so, we provide a variety of services towards enhancing technological know-how for people of all ages.

Tech Seminars

An efficient way to inform our communities with important technical information are with conferences and seminars. These are generally free and open to the public. Presentations are current so that the most common subjects of concern may be addressed.


We offer college approved credits for majors that require students to complete an internship course or for those that are simply interested in learning more about our business. We encourage everyone to learn the latest in technology and are excited for opportunities to educate the future generations.

Nonprofit IT Support

We understand the the dedication it takes to start and maintain a nonprofit and relish the opportunity to support them. To assist, we offer special rates for these groups while maintaining the benefit of full technical support.

Computer Training

Basic computer training on various applications are useful for all ages. We encourage anyone who has an interest to learn more about computers and their basic functions to join our training sessions and not hesitate to ask questions. We are here to help you to become more technically savvy.

Youth Awareness

Technology is constantly advancing with both hardware and software. This means youth needs to be informed on what tools are at their disposal to better prepare them for the future. By allowing the youth to utilize the technology of today, we better prepare them on the road to success.

Senior Discount

We offer discounts on remote and on-site support for senior citizens. We understand the challenge for senior citizens to keep up to date with technology. By offering this discount, we are  able to provide the latest technology and support at an optimal price for seniors.