E - Waste & Alternatives

Drop off your E-Waste at any one of our locations.
Part of giving back to our community is done by providing locations to dispose of electronic devices that are no longer in use. In doing so, we can help preserve our environment and help others with technological needs.

We have proudly partnered with Human-IT in our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint while helping our communities. Since we offer in-shop computer repair services to residence along for our business clients, hardware can quickly pile up.

DLL Technologies believes in the ideals of Human-IT and by donating equipment, together we are able to reduce toxicities harmful to our planet while also re-purposing devices to those in need.


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Recipients of this program include:


  • Low-income families

  • Veterans in need

  • People with disabilities

  • Senior Citizens

  • Schools

  • Non-profit organizations


Here are some alternatives of how DLL Technologies can assist with making the most of your equipment and devices.


Cascade Equipment Internally


There are staff whose tasks demand the most up-to-date equipment on the market. There are also tasks where staff don’t require cutting edge technology in order to get the job done..

DLL Technologies can monitor and assess a power user’s device at the end of its first useful life with our managing software. Then a decision of refurbishment and redeployment to a new user with more modest technology needs can be made.

Computer Office Work
Internal hard drive

Drive Wipes and Decommissioning


When decommissioning or upgrading storage devices, wiping sensitive data from drives and its disposal is a crucial and necessary process.


Residual data often remains on drives when a normal wipe is performed. However, we provide DOD (department of defense) compliance standards of wiping data. By doing so, it eliminates the threat of data breaches.

Be assure, we can secure your data even and provide you peace-of-mind with our cleaning of your devices.