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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Information Library allows you to access some of our content that we make available to our customers. These documents allow for a better understanding of some of our services by going into detail of the processes and features we provide. We hope you find this resourceful and you can always contact us with any questions. Feel free to view or download our content.

What is the turnaround time for computer repair?

Hardware repairs are generally done within a few hours. However, we make sure the device is tested to ensure the hardware is functioning properly. Note, that this does not include the ordering and shipping of the part needed.

Do you sell computers or computer parts?

No. Although we have preferred vendors that we are

What are your rates?

It depends on the service required which is determined by a diagnostic. Once a diagnostic is completed, we can provide you with either a flat rate or hourly rate.

How can you access my machine to fix it remotely?

Our RMM (remote managed and maintenance) software comes with remote tools. We also have remote software that can access machines without having the RMM installed.

Can I drop off my computer on the weekend?

We are open by appointment only Sat-Sun. Call our office to schedule for someone to be ready to receive or pick up your equipment.

How do I keep track of the status of my service request?

A service ticket will be created upon the initial request. Throughout the process, the ticket will be updated until completion. Communication, technician notes, order, process, etc. are all logged in the ticket for your records and provided via email.

Will the same technician be available when I need further assistance?

Our ticketing system allows any of our technicians to pick up where the last tech left off. This is one method of how we are already ready to assist our customers.

Is IT Support all DLL Technologies offers?

We are an MSP and MSSP that provide top tier IT support but also have a media team that provides our clients web development and digital marketing services.