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Managed IT Services

This consists of the majority of our business which allows us to monitor machines remotely. The RMM (remote monitoring & management) software used will alerts technicians if client machines are up to date, secure, and its specifications. One of the biggest benefits is being able work on a machine while minimizing interruption time or causing major downtime for the end-user.

Network Assessments

Typically, the first step towards understanding a system infrastructure is to conduct a network assessment which will provide the framework of the network and specs of each machine. It will also provide a list of which devices are/aren't HIPAA compliant. The assessment will allow the techs to provide the best approach towards improving the business' technology.


A business's digital data is priceless and measures should be taken to ensure its availability. Safeguarding data and being able to recover it from unforeseen events is a key role for a tech company. Software, hardware, and cloud based options are all taken into consideration when determining the best method to secure a clients sensitive information.

Cable Installations

Cable runs, network drops, and phone jacks should be conducted by an experienced professional. This will ensure that the work meets building and safety codes. Knowing that cabling has been installed by a professional will ensure the best connection and thwart many unforeseen issues.

Dark Web Monitoring

Protect your digital information from being exploited.

Identify compromised credentials that can be used to exploit employees and customers. Automate security, fraud and incident response.


Business IT Solutions

Every business has its own and unique set of technical requirements, yet most have the same goals towards improving their efficiency. The best possible options towards improving a business' IT systems and infrastructure is with a full assessment. This allows for the best possible technological advisement towards achieving goals.

Network Monitoring

Bandwidth is an important commodity within the work-place and should not be treated as such. In order to allocate a networks bandwidth efficiently, monitoring software and analyzers will determine what areas need attention for better productivity.

VOIP Solutions

The majority of businesses rely on VOIP for their phone systems. There are many benefits the come with these types of setups verses a traditional phone service. Aside from lower cost, with a proper framework and configuration they can better streamline communication for a business.

Managed Virus Protection

Viruses, worms, malvertising, ransomware, etc... It's tough keeping up with the new ways of data attacks let alone the different methods used for each. We provide our clients real-time security software that will alert us when an attempted threat may have occurred while preventing it from any malicious intent.

Maintenance Services

Technology is constantly improving causing software and hardware to require updates on a regular basis. To prolong the life-span and usefulness, preventative maintenance and constant updates are necessary. Having your devices and software up to date and current will prevent many unforeseen issues.

Workforce Analytics

The ability to manage what may reside or implemented as suitable for a network has substantial effect on a business workforce. By applying these analytics and examining its output, a company can determine whether or not to enforce certain rules to its network.

Surveillance Systems

A part of safeguarding a business's assets is with surveillance systems. There are a variety of products and methods to chose from as well. With an on-site structural inspection and playback preferences, our surveillance technicians will be able to determine which options will best suits your business.

On-Site & Remote Support

Certain task require a technician to be physically present at a location, while other can be accomplished using remote software. In order to be readily accessible to our clients, DLL Technologies offers these options to better assist your business needs.

Monthly, quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual agreements are options to assist with maintaining your technological infrastructure.

Maintenance plans are generally based on the number of devices and visits.