Community Projects

Find out how we work with the community and what we represent.
DLL Technologies, LLC takes pride in our involvement with local community organizations. We strive to better enrich our communities through the donation of time and equipment.

Carson Plaza

Technology Seminars

Technology tips for seniors and helping them understand how to navigate the internet.

Cyber Security Program

Partnered with Dr. Hernandez and Rudy Hyek

Cyber security for families/parents regarding how to properly use today's technology and gadgets and how it relates to mental health, vision, and resources for parents.

Dayton Valley Branch Library

Teaching kids technology

Together with the kids from the Dayton Valley area, we learned how arcade machines work and then made our own to take home.

Duarte Library

Cyber security for teens

Teaching teens how to use the internet safely and how to avoid online bullying.

Duarte Senior Center

Technology training for seniors

Monthly training sessions teaching seniors how to navigate their computers through an understanding of computer related keywords.

Duarte Unified School District


Assisting youth in determining which career in technology they would like to pursue, while getting hands on experience.

Friends of Duarte Library

Website, scholarship, and marketing support

Supporting the Duarte Library through donation of services, scholarships and time.

FVO Solutions

Computer donations

Donation of hardware to the employment agencies for adults with disabilities.

Job Shadow Days

Teaching teens about the technology industry

Giving kids a peak into the world of a technology based workplace by allowing them to shadow industry professionals as they work.

City of Duarte Homelessness Initiative

City of Duarte

Built a database of resources as well as working with city officials and local non profit groups.

Kiwanis Duarte

Volunteer services

Various volunteer work including the Mexico Little League, magic show,and 30 for 30.


Mentorship services

Participated in the program to help high school and community college students prepare themselves for careers in the technology industry.

San Gabriel Valley Economic Partnership

Mentorship services

Participated in the program to help K-12 grade students prepare themselves for careers in the technology industry.

Special Olympics

Sponsored the South African team.

Sponsored the South African team.

Cyber Security Training

Partnered with the Yerington Library and Boys and Girls Club

We helped local area kids learn how to manage passwords as well as how to identify potential cyber security threats.

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