Proprietary business data should be secure remotely as it is in the office. 
Secure your remote work environment.
We can help safeguard your network and data.
- Network Assessments
- Virus,  Malware, and Adware scans
- Real time monitoring
- 24/7 tech support

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HOW CAN we secure you remotely

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Network Assessment

We can run a full network assessment that will point out weak points and grade your infrastructure. By assessing your network, we can make sure your data and information is secure.

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Antivirus Tools

Make sure that your machine is not infected with any malicious programs or corrupt files. We can scan and clean all of your system files to protect you from compromises and have your machine perform at its best.

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Real Time Monitoring

We can monitor your machine with our RMM (remote monitoring and management) software. We can also provide managed antivirus to give you real time protection and immediate response from alerts.

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Tech Support

Hardware and software sometime cause issues when not functioning properly which often requires immediate attention. That is why we offer round the clock support for our clients that request our services.