Our Services

We are a part of the tech industry, but more importantly, we are in the business of service.
Your satisfaction is what we strive for and we can best accommodate you with a wide variety of technological services. We divide our services into 4 categories. View these categories to find out how we can be of service to you.

Managed Services

We provide companies with the highest level of technical business solutions. There are many services we offer that will ensure security, efficiency, and, optimization for our clients.

Residential Services

DLL Techs has serviced its surrounding residents since early days of the home computer. As technologies constantly change, we've stayed the same to service our local residents with any computer issues.

Web & Media Services

An essential part of business technology is having an online presence. This is why we offer web development along with media services. Find out how we can help boost your brand.

Community Services

Giving back to our communities is a priority for DLL Techs. We've been fortunate to have our clients and customers trust us with their technical needs. In-turn, we strive to give back to our communities.