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We provide on-site and remote services.
Residential assistance is available to the surrounding areas. Often, jobs are finished remotely. But if that's not the case, you may bring your machine in or we can come to you. Call us today and talk to a tech to see the type of service you require.


We can help connect you to your audience.
Most everyone and every business uses media in one form or another. We can help find the right method and approach to reach your target audience.


We are fortunate enough to give back to our communities.
We support those who support us and provide community services in a variety of different ways. Find out if one of these services can benefit you.


We are a part of the tech industry, but more importantly, we are in the business of service.
Your satisfaction is what we strive for and we can best accommodate you with a wide variety of technological services. We divide our services into 4 categories. View these categories to find out how we can be of service to you.

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Managed IT Services

This consists of the majority of our business which allows us to monitor machines remotely. The RMM (remote monitoring & management) software used will alerts technicians if client machines are up to date, secure, and its specifications. One of the biggest benefits is being able work on a machine while minimizing interruption time or causing major downtime for the end-user.

Network Assessments

Typically, the first step towards understanding a system infrastructure is to conduct a network assessment which will provide the framework of the network and specs of each machine. It will also provide a list of which devices are/aren't HIPAA compliant. The assessment will allow the techs to provide the best approach towards improving the business' technology.


A business's digital data is priceless and measures should be taken to ensure its availability. Safeguarding data and being able to recover it from unforeseen events is a key role for a tech company. Software, hardware, and cloud based options are all taken into consideration when determining the best method to secure a clients sensitive information.

Cable Installations

Cable runs, network drops, and phone jacks should be conducted by an experienced professional. This will ensure that the work meets building and safety codes. Knowing that cabling has been installed by a professional will ensure the best connection and thwart many unforeseen issues.

Dark Web Monitoring

Protect your digital information from being exploited.

Identify compromised credentials that can be used to exploit employees and customers. Automate security, fraud and incident response.


Business IT Solutions

Every business has its own and unique set of technical requirements, yet most have the same goals towards improving their efficiency. The best possible options towards improving a business' IT systems and infrastructure is with a full assessment. This allows for the best possible technological advisement towards achieving goals.

Network Monitoring

Bandwidth is an important commodity within the work-place and should not be treated as such. In order to allocate a networks bandwidth efficiently, monitoring software and analyzers will determine what areas need attention for better productivity.

VOIP Solutions

The majority of businesses rely on VOIP for their phone systems. There are many benefits the come with these types of setups verses a traditional phone service. Aside from lower cost, with a proper framework and configuration they can better streamline communication for a business.

Managed Virus Protection

Viruses, worms, malvertising, ransomware, etc... It's tough keeping up with the new ways of data attacks let alone the different methods used for each. We provide our clients real-time security software that will alert us when an attempted threat may have occurred while preventing it from any malicious intent.

Maintenance Services

Technology is constantly improving causing software and hardware to require updates on a regular basis. To prolong the life-span and usefulness, preventative maintenance and constant updates are necessary. Having your devices and software up to date and current will prevent many unforeseen issues.

Workforce Analytics

The ability to manage what may reside or implemented as suitable for a network has substantial effect on a business workforce. By applying these analytics and examining its output, a company can determine whether or not to enforce certain rules to its network.

Surveillance Systems

A part of safeguarding a business's assets is with surveillance systems. There are a variety of products and methods to chose from as well. With an on-site structural inspection and playback preferences, our surveillance technicians will be able to determine which options will best suits your business.

On-Site & Remote Support

Certain task require a technician to be physically present at a location, while other can be accomplished using remote software. In order to be readily accessible to our clients, DLL Technologies offers these options to better assist your business needs.

Monthly, quarterly, Bi-Annual or Annual agreements are options to assist with maintaining your technological infrastructure.

Maintenance plans are generally based on the number of devices and visits.


PC/Mac Support

Different user styles means different machines. This is why we specialize to work with multiple platforms. Whether you're using Windows or MAC, our technicians are here for you and provide the the service that you need to keep your machines running at peak performance.

Hardware Upgrades

Technology is constantly evolving and to improve upon efficiency. This means that your tech is considered out of date quicker and becomes less efficient. By staying up to date and upgrading your hardware to newer and more efficient pieces of tech, you can get the most out of your machine and prolong its longevity.

Data Backups

Your data is important and is always at risk. Whether it be a cyber attack, corrupted data or even the physical theft of your system, let us help you keep your data safe and secure by creating a back-up. If anything should happen you'll be happy to know that your data can easily be restored with a back up.

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are essential for the safety and security of homes and businesses. We make sure that your system is set up properly and securely so that it works the way that you want it to and cannot be high jacked or spied on. we make sure that your security works so that you feel safe.

On-Site & Remote Support

Helping you is our top priority but we also want to make sure that we do not get in your way. To do this we are able to give you all the support you need remotely from our office. This allows us both to save time and still give you what you need. need or prefer an in person meeting? We can do that too.

Computer Repair

Accidents happen! Whether it may be something small or something more complicated, we will asses your machine to find the best possible way to get it back to where it should be. We focus on making sure that your machine is healthy and working properly so that you can accomplish your tasks.

Software Installs

Integrating new software can often times be somewhat involved with its configuration requirements. Proper documentation and an understanding of the systems specifications is usually required. Proper installation is accomplished with experience and sound documentation.

OS Installs

Is something wrong with your operating system or do you simply want something new? We will install a fresh operating system on your machine and you will even be able to keep all of your data. Keeping up to date with your OS can keep you safe and let you use all the new technology and programs that come with it.

Cable Installations

Cable installation can sometimes be easy but cable management is always hard. Luckily, we can do both! When installing cables we make sure that everything is exactly where it should be and do so in a way that makes it easy to come back and service your cables if necessary.

Virus/Malware Removal

Viruses can be sneaky. If one manages to breach your machine we'll clean it for you. This includes not only the removal of the virus but as well as scanning the rest of your computer to make sure that there are not any other viruses hiding around your system. Machines work properly when they are clean and we like to keep it that way.

Data Transfers

​Your data can stack up high. This can make transferring it a pain. So why not let us do it! We make sure your files are transferred safely to avoid to missing or corrupt data. Your data will be safe and accounted for.

PC Diagnostic

Computers have many parts that can become unhealthy and slow down your system. We can check those parts and check how they are running. This allows not only to see how efficiently your machine is running but also lets us know if your machine needs any services.

Cloud Backup

There are multiple ways to back up a system. we want to find the best way that works for you. Keeping your data safe is important to us and and we want to make sure that you have all the necessary tools to do so while having a fall back just in case something goes wrong.

Web Development

Websites are the digital face of a business or individual and is a reflection of their relevance. By keeping your website up to date, visitors obtain a solid impression of you and your business. A front and back end designer can make sure your website is current functions efficiently for your visitors.


Being able to visually communicate a message to a target audience takes an understanding of design elements and how to best execute them. Captivating an audience is achieved by digital or print designs when a professional designer has an understanding of what the client needs to communicate.


To make sure that information is found when clients and customers search for it online, SEO (search engine optimization) should be configured accordingly. By setting up SEO, the target audience will have a better chance of finding that particular site when conducting an on-line search. Get found now and contact us for a free quote!

Print Solutions

From posters & postcards to marketing collateral & novelty items, printing is an essential way to distribute information. Professional designs with the proper medium of print can create a lasting impression of any business

Mobile Sites

Mobile devices are on the rise with no sign of ceasing. This leads to an ever increasing demand for an on-line mobile presence for companies and individual business. Mobile sites require precision since there is limited space and time for visitors. With this in mind, a designer can determine what information is best suited for your business in relation to the aspects of a mobile site.

Digital SIgnage

An increasingly popular method of advertising is digital signage. These are useful for providing information to viewers or simply adding visual aesthetics to a venue. From installing a new setup or using a current one, to providing content and maintaining it, our techs with designers can create stunning digital signage tailored for business's unique image.


There are a variety of mediums to choose from when communicating to an audience. Making sure that the correct viewers are reached must be taken into consideration in order to maximize investments. By assessing a company and its target audience, a sound determination of the best platforms and channels can be utilized.

Web Analytics

The ability to see the web traffic can determine which methods to take when creating content that will generate awareness to your online audience. There are certain tools that will integrate with sites to monitor traffic and provide detailed reports to better understand which elements attract attention to a business.


Being able to setup buying/selling transactions for an online site is pivotal to being accessible to consumers. By integrating the functionality of E-commerce a business will increase transactions simply from being readily accessible to clients. Talk to our consultants and we can help you chose the right platform to sell your products.

Social Media

In the on-line world social media is highly prevalent making it an ideal way to distribute information about a business. In turn, it constantly requires updating and maintaining which can be time consuming. By acquiring social media management, an online presence will stay relevant.

Community Service

We believe in giving back to our surrounding communities. In doing so, we provide a variety of services towards enhancing technological know-how for people of all ages.

Tech Seminars

An efficient way to inform our communities with important technical information are with conferences and seminars. These are generally free and open to the public. Presentations are current so that the most common subjects of concern may be addressed.


We offer college approved credits for majors that require students to complete an internship course or for those that are simply interested in learning more about our business. We encourage everyone to learn the latest in technology and are excited for opportunities to educate the future generations.

Nonprofit IT Support

We understand the the dedication it takes to start and maintain a nonprofit and relish the opportunity to support them. To assist, we offer special rates for these groups while maintaining the benefit of full technical support.

Computer Training

Basic computer training on various applications are useful for all ages. We encourage anyone who has an interest to learn more about computers and their basic functions to join our training sessions and not hesitate to ask questions. We are here to help you to become more technically savvy.

Youth Awareness

Technology is constantly advancing with both hardware and software. This means youth needs to be informed on what tools are at their disposal to better prepare them for the future. By allowing the youth to utilize the technology of today, we better prepare them on the road to success.

Senior Discount

We offer discounts on remote and on-site support for senior citizens. We understand the challenge for senior citizens to keep up to date with technology. By offering this discount, we are  able to provide the latest technology and support at an optimal price for seniors.