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Managed IT Services

Infrastructure & Device Management

Infrastructure & Device Management is composed by both technical and operational components. This includes hardware, software, policies, processes, data, facilities and equipment—for business effectiveness.

24x7x365 Monitoring

With 24/7 monitoring, an IT professional is always available to respond immediately when you experience downtime. This means that issues get resolved more quickly and you’re free to spend time doing what you do best—taking care of our clients. If you want to protect your business from downtime and other security threats, then 24/7 monitoring is a must.

Maintenance Support

Technology is constantly improving causing software and hardware to require updates on a regular basis. To prolong the life-span and usefulness, preventative maintenance and constant updates are necessary. Having your devices and software up to date and current will prevent many unforeseen issues.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Backup and disaster recovery are vital components in your organization and can’t afford to neglect backup and disaster recovery. If it takes your business too long to get back online after a disaster, you could permanently lose customers and business revenue. We are committed to keep your business running seamlessly, even during unforseen mishaps.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Passwords are an essential part of keeping your data safe. However, they’re not infallible. Cyber criminals can use various methods to guess, steal, and compromise your passwords. But multi-factor authentication can help. You can use multi-factor authentication to make it more difficult for cyber criminals to access your devices and accounts.

DNS Protection

DNS plays a critical role in facilitating modern web traffic and thus becomes, understandably, a common target for cyberattackers. Utilizing DNS protection is considered one of the many best practices that can have a large impact on overall cybersecurity.

Antivirus / Antimalware

Your organization has sensative data about your business, employees, and clients, which requires protection from viruses and hackers ready to misuse it. Once your data is hacked or corrupted, there is no way to get it back. Antivirus applications can protect your business from viruses and hackers. Reputations are tarnished when client details or company emails/data get released online. This is why Antivirus and Antimalware software is a crucial part of Endpoint and Cybersecurity.

Email Encryption

Standard email was not designed around security, causing many emaisl to be insecure by default. Emails are an ever increasing target for both external attacks and inside threats. With email encryption, we can mitigate these common risks.

Advanced Email Security

We provide our customers with industry-leading AI which detects malicious and suspicious content. Ourrobust filter stacks prevents various volume-based and targeted attacks that including business email compromise, credential ransomware, phishing, and advanced malware.

Vulnerability Scanning

Our vulnerability scans process to identifying security weaknesses and flaws in systems and software. As a vulnerability management program, it is an integral component which goal is to protect the organization from breaches and the exposure of sensitive data. Our ability to gauge security readiness, minimize risk, and vulnerability scanning is an essentiall tool for a cybersecurity team.

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

EDR is primarily concerned with endpoints, which essentially is any device in a network (i.e., end-user workstations, phones, servers, etc.) It will protect most operating systems but excludes network monitoring.

Ransomware Remediation

Ransomware attacks continuing to rise forcing organizations to trade-off paying the ransom with costly downtime. Relentless extortionists continue to find new mechanisms to encrypt organizations’ data. We can often prevent and alleviate ransomware attacks with our remediation methods and tools.

24/7 Managed SOC

Implementing a 24/7 SOC benefits many crucial aspects of an organization. Our team of analysts can provide round-the-clock network monitoring & protection. This allows for a more rapid response to potential security incidents.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

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Darkweb Monitoring

Our Channel-focused Dark Web monitoring platform provides the most validated credential exposure data available. Its sophisticated intelligence of Dark Web scanning provides our clients peace of mind that they will be notified and better able to protect themselves from criminals with malicious intent.

Security Awareness Training

We provide security awareness training to prevent and mitigate user risk. These program are designed to help train employees in understanding the role they play to prevent information security breaches.

Log collection (SIEM)

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is inspects your network through a larger lens often provided by a single security control or information source. We can connect and unifiy information from different systems, This allows for analyzing and cross-referencing from a single interface.

Data Loss Prevention

Organizations are implementing DLP due to insider threats and rigorous data privacy laws, many of which have vigorous data protection and/or data access requirements. Additionally, our DLP tools can provide monitoring and controlling endpoint activities. This allows us to filter data streams on a network and protect data in motion.

User Behavioral Analytics

UBA solutions point out an organizations risks and mitigate threats before compromises can run through networks which cause serious harm. In addition, they help organizations demonstrate compliance with industry or government regulations.

Threat Intelligence Platform (TIP)

TIP's facilitate the management of cyber threat intelligence and associated entities such as actors, campaigns, incidents, signatures, bulletins, and TTPs. Here are its four key functions: • Aggregation of intelligence from multiple sources •Curation, normalization, enrichment, and risk scoring of data • Integrations with existing security systems •Analysis and sharing of threat intelligence

MSP Services

Its important to know that not all Managed Service Providers offer the same Technical Support and Cybersecurity. To ensure your business is fully supported and secure, you can view our industry standard Managed IT services here.

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