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Cybersecurity and IT Support Specialist

From supporting your end-users to data & digital security, we have you covered.

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Supporting Over 100+ Businesses Throughout Southern California and Northern Nevada.

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Some benefits the support of an MSP.

24x7x365 Monitoring

Cyber-threats are constant and do not take days off. So, why should we? 

Security Awareness Training

You can prevent most cyber-threats with an informed and prepared staff.

Darkweb Monitoring

We make sure your updated on potential breaches with Dark Web monitoring.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

When things happen that are out of your control, we are here to get you back on track.

The pros and cons of managed services make it clear that partnering with an MSP or MSSP is the best way to simplify your IT management and cyber security affordably. DLL Techs provide essential to robust MSP and MSSP services in order to better suit your business needs.

Stellar IT support can help you reach your business goals.

Number 1

Infrastructure Assessment

We start by running an intensive network wide scan of your infrastructure and devices. This will provide a overall visual score and each area that requires attention.


• Network Scan

• Assessment Score

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People in a computer lab.
Number 2

Intended Solutions

Next we determine which solution will solve the pain points addressed from the initial analysis from both End-point support to Digital Security.


• Proposed Solutions

• Planning Phase

Number 3

Service Implementations

Once you have ironed out the details for the solution you want to implement, the final step is to determine what it takes to actually implement said solution.


• Applied Services

• Account Creations

Board room meeting using laptops.

Transitioning your Managed IT and Cybersecurity

Our 3 Step Process

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Better support for a better work environment.

We are on a mission to create more efficient and seamless IT Solutions without compromising productivity and quality.


Can managed services cut down cost? The answer is yes. It can also make your IT expenses more predictable. With managed services, your costs are neatly packaged into a set amount paid on an annual or monthly basis.


Training even one additional employee for your IT department costs thousands of dollars, and there is never a guarantee that they’ll even stay with the company. An MSP absorbs the cost of training, and you’ll never have to worry about your IT experts jumping ship.


Unintentional human error accounts for a significant chunk of downtime, and there’s not much you can do to avoid it. Employing strong safeguards in critical systems is the best way to reduce the potential risk.


Rather than rushing to call in experts after a disaster has occurred, it’s smarter to take a preventive approach by partnering with a managed services provider. They monitor your systems for problems and can resolve issues before they transform into full-fledged catastrophes

What Our Clients Say

“Always there when we need them.”

We've been fortunate to have DLL Techs as our computer support for year. There are always there when we need them, even after hours.

Janis Andrews

“Pleasant and professional”

As much as I feel that I call or bug them, they are always so pleasant and professional to assist us, no matter how quick or involved the task is.

Edward Duenes

Smiling femail worker.

"I feel more secure knowing they are supporting"

I finally found an IT company that knows what they are doing. I feel more secure knowing they are supporting my staff and our network from compromises. Thank you DLL Techs.

Brandon Williams

Happy staff members.

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In Tech We Trust

Our services take the pressure off your internal staff, freeing them up to  perform daily tasks with better efficiency and focus.

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