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Email Heath Check

Ever questioned the mystery behind your email issues not reaching their intended destination or, even worse, finding themselves tucked away in spam folders? The key players in this scenario are none other than email deliverability and DNS configurations. While the term DNS (Domain Name System) might sound like technical jargon, its significance in your everyday email security and deliverability cannot be overstated.

  • DNS: Your Guiding Map: Picture DNS configurations as the guiding map for your emails. They signal to receiving servers that your emails are legitimate and safe for delivery.

  • Authentication Mechanism: Configured DNS records serve as an authentication mechanism, reducing the risk of your emails being misconstrued as phishing attempts.

  • Secure Communication: Proper DNS settings are your ticket to dependable, secure, and hassle-free email communication.

  • Free Email Test: Uncertain about potential email deliverability issues? Try out a 30-second, free email test - [Click Here].

  • Best Practices Beyond Technicalities: Safeguard your emails from the dreaded spam folder with best practices, including email readability, flagged links, and avoiding spam triggers.

DLL stands ready to assist not only with these email practices but also with web design, SEO, and digital marketing.

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